Friday, June 26, 2009

Sandusky Vacation Days Three and Four

I'm combining days three and four of the vacation because it was mostly waterpark time and then the drive home.

Saturday we all slept in and then spent a leisurely morning talking each other's ears off, eating breakfast, watching the kids play together. The suite we had at the Kalahari was awesome, with a full kitchen and two separate bedrooms, two bathrooms, two balconies, a fireplace, three TV's...we easily could have stayed there longer, if only we could have afforded it!

Amber and Drake 'fighting' in the living room area. Those light-up swords were the souvenirs the kids picked at Cedar Point.

Ringo says: 'If I saw a Jedi, wearing nothing but dinosaurs, hoisting a double bladed saber while grabbing his crotch, I would be awed by his presence'

We spent most of Saturday afternoon at the waterpark, which is HUGE. We didn't even go to the outdoor part. The indoor part had three or four different kids' areas, a giant wave pool, surfing pools, a bunch of slides, a lazy river, several only complaint was that several of the areas, and slides, were closed. All weekend. Some of them on a rotating basis; they'd open but then others would close for a while. I'm guessing they were short-staffed? It didn't seem to make much sense. But even with that, there was MORE than enough to do. And all the kids could have easily spent the entire weekend in the wave pool. My arms were sore for a week from trying to hold them up and save them from being drowned!

In the evening, we went back to the hotel room to order pizza, and we finally managed to meet up in person with Adam. He gave us a con schedule and we wandered around for a while, hitting up the candy shop before heading to the parking lot to see if we could find the live-action Left 4 Dead event. Even at 2 and 4, my kids are zombie fans. Though I don't think they really know what zombies are, since I haven't exactly gotten graphic with them. But come on, kids love monsters, right? Well, my kids do, anyway. Or at least, the little one does. I think the elder one is often more apprehensive than he'd like to let on.

Tina and the kids on a luggage cart outside our room. We got locked out because OJ took my room key to go get the pizza; Ringo was supposed to come with us but at the last second he veered off and went with OJ, and none of us realized he had the only other room key until we got to the door! I'm never giving up my room key again! lol!

visiting the hotel candy shop

which one's the chimp? har har! (sorry Ringo!)

Oksana and an okapi. I'm honestly not sure if the okapi was part of the hotel staff (the Kalahari has an African theme) or if it was a furry from the convention!

Ayla, Tina and someone dressed as a character from a video game they enjoy

Oksana already knows that a light saber would be an awesome zombie-killing tool

We got everyone back to the hotel room in a vain attempt to get the kids to bed before midnight. OJ and Ringo left Tina and I with the younger kids, and went wandering the con with Ayla, the 11 year old; looking at hot chicks in costume and attending anime raves.

Drake informed us that he was Batman dressed as Spiderman so that the baddies wouldn't know he was Batman.

Oksana and Ayla snuggling in one of the beds

Sunday morning after breakfast and check-out, Tina, Ringo and the girls got on the road because they heard there were bad storms in our home area. We spent a few more hours at the waterpark before hitting the road for home.

the kids by a rhino

one of MANY splashalicious zones

safety first in the wave pool!

this one LOVES the water. She's absolutely fearless. Over, under, upside down, she doesn't care. We're going to need to do some swimming lessons STAT.

post-slide bliss

no fear whatsoever! The blue lifejacket running directly into the waves is my 2 year old daughter, who can't swim. The orange-suited man chasing her down is my husband.

The Kalahari also had a really big dry play area that we let the kids run around in for a while before hitting the road.

All in all it was an awesome weekend, and we are really looking forward to repeating it next year!

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