Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sandusky Vacation, Day Two

The entire day was spent at Cedar Point, enjoying the truly gorgeous weather and riding all the rides we could until we were all incredibly exhausted!

OJ and Oksana, having a blast on the Super Himalaya.

The kids fell in love with the Frog Hopper, and rode it over...and over...and over...and over...

The other thing they loved? Bumper boats. I guess driving your own inflatable boat around for as long as you want (because there was no line) IS pretty cool...

The kids and I in Camp Snoopy.

It was in Camp Snoopy that my kids went on their first two roller coasters ever. The Jr. Gemini (technically outside of Camp Snoopy, and also the scene of my fat-humiliation as mentioned in the previous post) is a small coaster that just goes up a little hill, down and around. They sent us around twice and the kids had a blast. So we tackled the slightly larger Woodstock Express. It was...unexpectedly zippy! Pretty fast, a decent drop for a kids' coaster, and lots of twists and turns. It reminded me of that old favorite, The Whizzer, at Six Flags Great America. (Which will only make sense to my other Chicago-area friends!) And it was a success! The kids liked it too. Drake even asked to go on some of the bigger coasters, but sadly, he wasn't tall enough. Two inches to short for the medium-level coasters! :( Hopefully next year.

Making wishes.

They each flew their own plane on Snoopy's Red Baron ride (yet another of those where the kid gets to control how high they fly).

The kids 'driving' around in a helicopter. Honestly, I lost track of how many versions of this 'cars on a track' ride they had at Cedar Point, but trust me, there were a LOT. Regular cars, muscle cars, old-fashioned cars, space vehicles, planes, motorcycles, cop cars....you name it, they had it. And it never. got. old.

Now this is the one ride that Mommy and Daddy went on! Cedar Point has this awesome (free) Parent-Child swap program. If you get a pass at Guest Services, then one person can wait in line for a 'big kid' ride while the rest of the party does their own thing. When that person rides, they give their pass to the ride attendant. And once they are off the ride, the other 'big kid' in the party can go up the exit queue, claim the pass, and ride without waiting for an hour in line. It's pretty sweet. This was the only time we took advantage of it, to ride Maverick, the newest coaster there. It...lived up to its name. Incredibly wild, exhilerating coaster. If it doesn't age well, it's going to be painful in a few years. But for now, it was highly enjoyable. (Millenium Force is still my favorite ride there though, hands down!)

Hot rods! (My son has a talent for making bizarre faces in photos; it's very difficult to get him to smile normally, actually.)

Aaand...there's me, heading to my last indulgence of the night. Cedar Downs, the racing carousel. It goes pretty fast; neither kid was tall enough to ride it, but it's an old favorite of mine, so I had to hop on. I'm not sure why my husband didn't take a picture of me ON the ride like I asked, so this will have to do!

We didn't stay for the late night light show or anything because the kids were exhausted (and we weren't far behind, honestly). We only had one stroller and we had reached the point of near-tears where no one wanted to take turns anymore, they both wanted the stroller, and we were almost beyond the point where we could comfortably carry the non-stroller child. So we picked up our souvenir lightsabers (thanks to the ten bucks Grandma sent with each kid, so they could buy a souvenir of their choice) and headed back to the hotel...to greet our friends, who were just arriving! And everyone got their second wind and stayed up until midnight! (Which was just fine because no one had anywhere to be bright and early, thank god!)

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