Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Peteyville 2012

The other night I took my kids to Peteyville. What's that, you ask? Don't worry, I didn't know either: despite growing up one town over, this year was the first time I ever heard of it.

A Christmas staple for the past 25 years, it's that house (houses, really) that EVERYONE drives out to see... the house that Clark Griswold could only DREAM of having. Homemade holiday machines, lights, and inflatables span across five lawns; they even have their own theme song! (Tune in to 88.5fm while you're by the house to hear it, along with a brief history of Peteyville.)

My brother got wind of it this year, and he dragged my parents along; my mother insisted I had to take my kids. We were out and about the other night and the weather was good (from their facebook page, they can't put the display up during high winds; otherwise it's on from 5-10pm every night) so we headed over.

The kids were completely amazed. We were all enchanted, and I was given yet more proof that the more we age, the sappier we get; these goddamn Christmas lights and displays made me tear up. I CHOKED UP at someone's holiday display. I almost couldn't finish reading one of the signs to my daughter. It was pretty ridiculous.

Yeah this one. It's not even that sappy but just the thought that a family has been spreading joy like this for 25 years... Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel!

Peteyville is located at 3033 Crane Place in Hammond, Indiana. If you're in the area, you really must go. Get out of your car and walk around; the displays continue up the sides of each house. Take some pictures. Tune in to the radio station and listen to the story and song of Peteyville. Give yourself permission to revel in the holiday spirit just a little. Pictures just don't do this place justice.

Make it a scavenger hunt! See if you can spot:

*three Santas stuck in chimneys
*six teddy bears
*the leg lamp
*the Peteyville sign
*Scooby Doo
*Mickey Mouse
*a 'failed' light installation
*two penguins
*three snowmen

Stop back here after you visit and let me know what your favorite display was! Personally I was pretty damn impressed with the 20 foot inflatables; I've never seen holiday inflatables that size!

A Peteyville Panoramic


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