Friday, June 26, 2009


Before I go on to the Florida trip photos...I have a confession to make.

My house is filthy again.

The clutter just seems to creep back out from every corner. If I don't stay on top of it EVERY. DAY. it gets incredibly out of hand. Spending half of the month of June on vacation threw all the baby routines I put in place straight out the window. I'm working on getting back into the swing of it all.

Three weeks until garage sale day. A lot of it will go out of the house then. That will help reduce some of these problems.

I have to start managing the paper problem too. Putting aside the laundry room and the garage, I've managed to declutter a lot of the 'stuff' in the house. The paper is a huge issue. Even reduced by roughly half, it causes giant messes. This is another daily battle.

I'm frustrated that I spend so much of my life cleaning, decluttering, straightening up. And no, even once the clutter is out, I can't afford a maid. Does everyone have to spend time cleaning every day? How do you stay on top of it and keep your house company-ready?? It seems like such an impossible task for me sometimes. Even on days when we're not IN the house, it feels like the mess multiplies. :/

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  1. Everyday for 20 minutes I clean. dust, pledge, sweep mop, scour sinks and counters(the bathrooms only get this treatment once or twice a week/kitchen almost every day)...vacuum vacuu vacuum....and thats not even TOUCHING yes. I think you are normal. I try to schedule cleaning for when the radio has a show I like and I listen while I clean and then cook dinner...and it becomes something I look forward to. Company-ready? HA! That's funny..and we don't have kids!



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