Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I got my hairs cut. Yes, all of them.

I've been tossing around the idea of getting a haircut for, oh, months. If you don't already know, then you SHOULD know that I've never been much of a girly-girl. Sometimes I wonder if this would be a little different if I was thinner. Possibly a little, because it would be more fun...but overall, I don't think it's really in my nature. I don't pay much mind to fashion. I wear makeup only on special occasions. I don't color or cut my hair regularly - usually it only happens on a whim. I almost never wear jewelry.

It had been a LONG time since my last haircut. I had this fantasy going about having beautiful looooong hair, and believe me my hair had gotten pretty long. But not being very fashionable, especially where hair is concerned, I never did much with it. I was sporting the boring straight middle-part, no bangs, hair hanging in my face all the time hairdo. And usually the 'hanging in my face' part would get really old really quick, so most of the time it was up in a ponytail - or, more recently, a ponytail I never finished pulling through all the way; you could ALMOST call it a bun but I was too lazy to even do that.

So the dream of long hair was slowly wearing away. But I was reluctant to get a haircut because, being overweight, I never feel like I look good with shorter hair. And doing anything BUT going short just didn't seem to make sense to me. Seeing pictures of my vacation post-waterpark hair only furthered my resolve to do something about the mess on my head.

Yes, that shaggy, wet creature is me (walking with my son, who was "Batman, dressed as Spiderman, so the bad guys won't know me"). And down below, I'm the shaggy wet one on the left, taking a picture (of my daughter with a Furry. Or an okapi provided by the hotel. There was an anime convention going on so I'm not sure to which the suited creature belonged).

Yesterday, the pressure to CUT IT ALL OFF built up to a boiling point, and I turned to my trusty friend, Google. Imagine my surprise when I started typing in "short hair" and Google supplied me with choices such as "Short hairstyles for round faced women", "short hair on fat women", "short hairstyles for round fat faces", and the like. Either those searches are much more common than I would have previously believed, or Google is calling me fat. Either way, HEY, that was exactly what I was looking for!

So I poked around and, after reading the advice of various random hair professionals (or not) on the internet, it seems the graduated bob is the way to go. Just make sure it ends below your chin in front or your face will look even fatter.

Armed with this information and a picture of the ever-lovely Jenny McCarthy's graduated bob (because apparently SHE has a round, fat face? HA.), I headed off to Great Clips. Where I learned (from my hairdresser who, ironically, is a member of my TOPS club) that it had been 42 WEEKS since I last had a haircut. (I TOLD you I wasn't very good at hair maintenance!) Also, it seemed that if we went just a liiittle shorter than planned, I would have the ten inches of hair required to donate. (At least from the back.) Since it's for a good cause, I went for it; the back was ponytailed and SNIP! A huge wad of hair is now going off to make wigs for cancer patients. Now I actually feel good about waiting that 42 weeks. ;)

Juanita, my hairdresser, told me that I'd have to use a straight-iron on my hair if I wanted that super-sleek look. My hair isn't curly but it has a surprising amount of body for being so thick. I gave her this look like "it's been 42 WEEKS since I had my hair CUT and you think I'm going to straight-iron it every day?" and she said I could also scrunch it with some hair pomade. She got another look and said "or you could just get up and let it do its own thing" and I was all "BINGO!". Aaaand, here we are.

Pardon my facial expressions; I never did master the art of the MySpace pic.

Also, yes, it's probably going to eternally do that flippy-outy thing because, again, NOT STRAIGHT-IRONING MY HAIR EVERY DAY. Or, really, probably EVER. I don't even BLOW DRY it after the shower, people. Not even when it was long and would stay wet for five hours.


  1. Supah CUTE!!!!

    It makes your hair look so much blonder for some strange reason:) Its really a great shape!


  2. Thanks everyone! And isn't it weird how that blonde thing works?? I thought the same thing! We didn't do anythign to the color; in face, I'm overdue for a touch up. But it looks blonder to me too!

  3. Love the new hair! it looks great!



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