Monday, April 13, 2009

Givin' Props (to my ho 'cause he's fly)

My husband takes a lot of abuse from me. Not least of which is when I stubbornly refuse to accept his suggestions. Which he insists is because I'm part mule; I maintain that I always have a good reason for it. However, the fact remains that I am frequently initially resistant to change, even when it's good for me.

And this time, oh yes, it was definitely good for me. My husband, after about a year of trying, has finally brought me over to using Google Reader. He's been telling me to use it for a long time, and even sharing content with me; content I've been missing because I HAVEN'T BEEN USING GOOGLE READER. Over the weekend, he finally caught me on my computer and forced me to watch him add subscriptions to blogs I like to Google Reader...and HOLY CRAP. There they all were in a neat and organized format! In date and post order! And I could read them together, instead of emailing myself links and then surfing all over the web to find people's blogs and see if they've updated! (Yeah, THAT was efficient. I know. I KNOW.)

The problem in this case was that I just didn't 'have' (ie MAKE) the time to learn something new. And of course, the time to learn this was all of five minutes, IF that.

So I am now using, and loving, Google Reader. Too much, in fact; I have already added more blogs and sites than I will probably be able to keep up with. (But that doesn't mean I am not open to adding more, so share with me some of your favorite blogs please!)

Another thing my long-suffering husband often laments is the fact that when I finally DO start following one of his suggestions, I never give him credit or thanks, and just go on to adopt that thing as my own. Well, we'll be married five years this month, so I figured it was high time that he got a little credit.


Thanks, hon. I'll try not to make you wait for five more years before I give you props again.

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  1. One of my all-time favorite blogs EVER:

    This is Natalie, by the way.



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