Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dr Grant, how the mighty have fallen.

It is a quiet night on the homefront. Oksana is asleep in her bed; Drake and OJ are having a sleepover in the basement. Nights like these, I get to sit in my room and pretend that I am single. I watch crap TV (tonight's current flick: Jurassic Park III, in all its tacky glory) and peck out blog entries on the laptop. The cat sleeps sprawled out at the foot of the bed, reveling in the fact that there is atually ROOM for her in the bed. We are both pretending we're single tonight.

Except that doesn't really work so well for me, because I can't go more than a couple minutes without thinking of my husband and son snuggled up together downstairs and getting a smile on my face. I can't go more than a few minutes without thinking about my daughter sleeping peacefully across the hall and wanting to climb silently into her bed and snuggle her.

The noise level in my house was insane today. It was chilly and rainy and everyone, from the dogs to the kids to the cat to the husband, went a little stir-crazy. At one point I attempted to hide in the bathroom, and even that didn't work because once you're a mom, you don't GET 'private time'. And don't even THINK about trying to lock that door.

As grateful as I am for the peace of this evening, as much as it was needed; I would never want to give any of this up. I would never want to be single again. Sometimes it's just nice to pretend, is all. ;) If I wasn't able to pretend from time to time, I could never indulge my love of truly terrible flicks. (How DID this crapfest get such a good cast, anyway?) I would never be able to sit back and twitter random updates as I watch.

And I love having the best of both worlds. A gorgeous, fabulous family that I love dearly...AND quiet time to enjoy my trash.

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