Sunday, December 5, 2010

Walgreens Plan

I am sick like woah today; stuffy and full of drainage and my throat is so hoarse I can't speak above a whisper. Joy! So what am I doing? GOING SHOPPING AT WALGREENS! I need some medicine and I have a few prescriptions to pick up, so I figured I might as well drag my ailing carcass out and just get the Walgreens part of the week over with since I need to go anyway.

So here's my plan, after looking at various weekly deal matchups:

Things I need:

Neilmed Nasaflo Neti Pot solution packets - cost??
Peppermint mocha coffee mate - cost?? (but I have a $1 off coupon!)
Prescriptions - cost $60 (I THINK)
Dayquil - cost $8.99, get $2 Jingle Cash
Christmas lights - cost??, on sale BOGO 100 pack
file folders - cost ??
Edy's Ice Cream - on sale BOGO, I think the cost was $3.49

Deals I want:
Cortaid Cream .5oz free after rebate - cost 5.99 (I think)
Skippy peanut butter, 2 (on sale 2/3), coupon .75 - cost 2.25
V8 Fusion, 2/5 with in-ad coupon, man. coupon for $1 - cost 4.00
Crisco shortening sticks, $1.99 in-ad coupon, coupon for .50 - cost 1.49
Toll House morsels, in ad coupon 1.79, coupon 1.25 off 3 - cost 4.12
ziploc bags, 1.99 in ad coupon, coupon $1.00 off 2 - cost 2.98
revlon top speed nail color, $5 Jingle Cash - cost 5.99
Wisk 48 loads, $2 Jingle Cash, $1.00 coupon - cost ??
Nyquil, on sale $8.99, $1.50 off coupon plus buy 2 get free Puffs (buying Dayquil above) - cost 7.50
Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice - Wags coupon $1 off 2, Man. coupon $2 off 2 - cost ??
L'Oreal Lipgloss, on sale 2/$13.49, coupon $5.00 off 2, $4 off from Wags Dec coupon book - cost 4.49

And I have $11 in Jingle Cash to redeem.

So this trip should cost me $100 plus the cost of neti pot solution, coffeemate, christmas lights, file folders, Wisk, and sparkling grape juice. I'm going to guess, oh, a total of $130. If you don't count the prescriptions, that would be about $70. And I should get $9 back in Jingle Cash and $6 back from rebate.

Let's see how I do. I'll figure out the actual savings amounts on my follow-up post!


  1. And don't forget, for every $25 you spend you get $5 back in jingle cash now!

  2. ACK, nevermind, that starts tomorrow.

  3. oh! oh? Wait a minute. Maybe some of my sales start tomorrow too? Did I check the dates? Oh crap. I better go do that. LOL.

  4. No, it looks like that should all start today, including theJingle Cash deal! I couldn't find a copy of the ad online, but I finally managed to track one down, and it says 12/05 for all this stuff. HMMM. I guess I'll give it a try! I need medicine! Not being able to talk is driving me crazy. And of course the kids want to talk to me a TON and I can't answer them. OY!



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