Monday, December 6, 2010

ECIA: Ultra Foods - The Results

Welcome to day two of Extreme Couponing In Action! We continue our journey by hitting the local Ultra Foods for a few items I needed as well as a few things I wanted to grab based on price.

Yesterday I estimated that I would spend about $50 after coupons.

I missed five things on my list and added two extra at the store. My final result?

Spent: $34.32. I am guessing that if I had stuck completely to the list I would have been right at about $50 still, so pretty much on the money.
Bonus: I received a "$1.00 off your next visit!" Ultra Catalina at the register (from the Pillsbury deal)! Didn't know about that!

How did this all work out? Here's the list I made prior to shopping, with notes from the actual store experience beneath each. If you don't want to bother with reading an in-depth analysis, and just want to know the outcome, here's what I saved (according to my receipt) AND a short list of important things I learned during this trip:

My Ultra receipt tells me I saved $13.11, and I'm not sure where it's getting that number from! My coupon total appears to add up to: $11.99
My sales-price savings appear to add up to: $5.91
For a total savings of $17.90
Which would make my savings percentage: 34%

The register doesn't appear to count the sales price on meats into savings either. If you consider that about half of my purchase was meat, with NO coupons, just meat at a decent price, the savings percentage should be a little higher, even.
(These numbers do NOT account for the $1 Ultra Buck I received this week. I will count that on next week's write-up.)

AAAAND, I just noticed that I was charged twice for my pork chops. GO FIGURE. Even when you're watching the register pretty carefully, things slip past. I will have to go back in and take care of that at my next trip! That's $3.53!! (Totals above are pre-extra pork chop removal!)

1) Ultra puts their weekly sales fliers coupons out by the service desk. This was important because the sales flier I got was missing the pop coupon I needed.
2) There were a TON of coupon tearpads and even a small coupon booklet right by the front door. I don't know if that's normal or not but I will be scouting out this area diligently next time I go!
3) Ultra does rain checks. They were out of the oil I needed, but gave me a rain check good for the next 30 days.
4) DON'T FORGET TO BRING YOUR OWN BAGS. I forgot mine again. Ultra is supposed to give you .05 off for each reusable bag you bring in (just like Target does). Every little bit helps, AND it's environmentally friendly too.
5) I was told Ultra's produce is kind of sketchy, and ended up not buying my two produce needs there because the zucchini was all really SOFT. I was wary of it.
6) Check your receipts, check your receipts, CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS! I try to watch my items as they ring up and make sure it's all correct, and somehow my cashier still managed to ring my pork chops twice. Not even right in a row either! It's pork chops - pork roast - pork roast (yes I did get two pork roasts) - PORK CHOPS AGAIN. 

Now, here's that detailed analysis I promised:

Things I needed:

parchment paper (found a $1 off Reynolds parchment paper coupon!): cost ??
- was on sale for $2.99! .20 off with the sale plus $1.00 off with the coupon. Nice!

zucchini: cost ??

-it was very soft. I don't want my zucchini to be that squishy. I didn't get it.

onions: cost ?? 

-since I didn't get my zucchini here, I didn't get my onions either. I need both items to make these zucchini-potato latkes I promised my husband I'd make for Hanukkah. So they might not make it on the table DURING Hanukkah, but if not they'll be close! I'll probably get these things tomorrow so we should be all right.

Deals I wanted:

Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Select Pepsi Brand Varieties - $.99 WYB 5 (With in ad coupon)

-the in-store coupon did limit me to 5 bottles. I actually grabbed six because I had the 3 $1 off 2 coupons. So I paid .99 for my first 5, $1.50 for my sixth one, and got $3.00 off. Worked out to .56 each.
Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie Dough - 4/$10, In ad coupon for free Dean’s milk WYB 4 packages of dough. I've got 2 - $1.25 off 2 coupons! So my cost for four will be $7.50, or $1.88 each, AND a free Dean’s Milk!
-SUCCESS! Extra bonus in that buying four Pillsbury refrigerated dough items is triggering a $1.00 Ultra Buck Catalina at the register. AND there was a hangtag on my milk for .55 off. They wouldn't let me use it at the register today because the milk was free, but I've got it for a future milk purchase!

Sanderson Farms Split Chicken Breast, Price: $.98/Pound
- I skipped this. It's a good price but I remembered I don't like dicking around with whole, bone-in skin-on chicken breast. LOL.
Bone in Pork Sirloin Chops, Price: $1.28/Pound
Whole Pork Butt Roast, Price: $.98/Pound
-SUCCESS! I bought two. I am going to feed my guests BUTT at our holiday potluck this weekend. Heh heh. Heh heh. BUTT.
Crisco Vegetable Oil, 128 oz. $4.99 , use $.55/1 from RP 11/07/10, Final Price: $4.44 each
-this must be a hot deal because they were CLEAN OUT of this stuff. So I got a rain check! My coupon is good for at least another month!
Hershey's Chocolate Milk $.79 ,I have 2 .35 off coupons. Cost will be $.88 for two, or $.44 each!

-Success! These will be a nice little treat for my kids!

Things I added while in the store:

I count the sixth bottle of Pepsi as an 'addition' because I really only wanted to buy ten total; either ten here or five here and five at Strack's (which is also running the same deal this week). Now I need to buy 11 to get the deal, but that's OK. I got my six here, and I'll get my five at Strack tomorrow, and we'll be more than set on pop for the party.

I also count the second roast as an 'addition' to my list, because I was planning on buying only one. But at the last minute, as usual, I got panicky about not having enough meat for our guests this weekend, and I grabbed a second roast. I would much rather have too much food than not enough. We will definitely re-use the leftovers if there are any, and at this price it's hard to beat!


Did I mention the $1.00 Ultra buck that printed at the end? That was a nice little surprise!

These sales run through Thursday December 8th, so if any of them appeal to you, you can run to your local Ultra Food and take advantage of them too! Let me know if you need help tracking down any of the coupons. If you're a new EXTREME COUPONER and you haven't yet subscribed to the Sunday paper or started saving all the coupon inserts, DO IT. You could be saving a LOT of money!

FINALLY, don't forget to call the feedback number on the bottom of your receipt(s) when you get home! You only have a few days to do it, it's a short survey, and you get entered in a drawing. Ultra's drawing this month is for a $500 gift card. That's worth a couple minutes of my time, for sure.


  1. Current National Catalinas:

  2. Speaking of national catalina deals - Add this to the Jack's sale at Stracks and that's pretty awesome!

    Purchase five (5) Jack’s Pizza, Receive $2 OYNO
    Purchase six (6) Jack’s Pizza, Receive $2.75 OYNO
    Purchase seven or more (7+) Jacks Pizza, Receive $3 OYNO
    11/29 - 12/26/10

  3. Might do this one at Jewel

    Poptarts - Buy 3, get $2 OYNO
    Buy 4, get $ 3 OYNO
    Buy 5 or more, get $4 OYNO

  4. Oh man, I cannot WAIT for free deep freezer sale time! I don't know where the hell I'm going to put it but I am totally buying one this year.



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