Sunday, December 5, 2010

Extreme Couponing In Action: Ultra Foods - The Plan

Tomorrow I will be heading out to our local Ultra Foods to see if I can score some deals. I haven't been there in, oh, probably 15 years or more (I know I haven't been there since they became Ultra; they were still Cub Foods last time I went!), so I'm a little nervous about tackling a new store. However, I hear they have good deals and I have to admit: I'm a natural-born skeptic. Even though I've seen some great results with our Extreme Couponing, I have this burning need to figure out if I really am getting the BEST deals in my area. Which means doing a lot of extra research and work, hitting a lot of extra stores, and even keeping a price comparison spreadsheet (which I started today). Over time, I'll be able to share with all of you the fruits of my labors, and you'll be able to benefit from my hard work. Theoretically, anyway. So, my pain is your gain! Enjoy!

Here's my plan, after looking at the weekly deal matchup One Year To Disney put together (side note: there really aren't many Ultra Foods matchups for our area, it seems! Mummy Deals does them sometimes but she's very pregnant and thus gets a pass on keeping up with everything for a while, lol. Does anyone know of other deal blogs that do matchups for Ultra?):

Things I need:

parchment paper (found a $1 off Reynolds parchment paper coupon!): cost ??

zucchini: cost ??

onions: cost ??
Deals I want:

Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Select Pepsi Brand Varieties - $.99 WYB 5 (With in ad coupon)
I have 3 $1 off 2 coupons, and one $1 off 4 coupons. I don't know if this is a limit of 5 or not. I'm hoping I can get ten (we are having a party this weekend) and use all my coupons. Assuming I can, that would make my net cost $5.90, or .59 each.
FYI - Strack & Van Til is running this exact SAME DEAL WITH IN AD COUPON THIS WEEK
Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookie Dough - 4/$10
In ad coupon for free Dean’s milk WYB 4 packages of dough
I've got 2 - $1.25 off 2 coupons! So my cost for four will be $7.50, or $1.88 each, AND a free Dean’s Milk!

Sanderson Farms Split Chicken Breast
Price: $.98/Pound
Bone in Pork Sirloin Chops
Price: $1.28/Pound
Whole Pork Butt Roast
Price: $.98/Pound
Crisco Vegetable Oil, 128 oz. $4.99 
use $.55/1 from RP 11/07/10
Final Price: $4.44 each, or $.03 per oz
(Crisco oil is on sale at Strack & Van Til this week for 1.99ea, 48oz size; it's the same price per ounce so I'm getting the bigger one.)
Hershey's Chocolate Milk $.79 
I have 2 .35 off coupons. Cost will be $.88 for two, or $.44 each!

Deals I was interested in but ultimately nixed:

Palermo's Pizza - 2/$8
$1/1 - Click here
Final Price: $3/Each WYB 2
I nixed this for two reasons:
1) California Pizza Kitchen pizzas are $1.50ea at Meijer this week
2) Palermo's Classic Pizzas are on sale 4/$10 at Strack & Van Til this week; I can use my coupon there

Contadina Tomato Paste $.59
Use $1/3 from RP 09/26/10
Final Price $.77/3 or $.26 each
1) I nixed this one because I don't have coupon fliers going back that far, and I couldn't find any Contadina coupons online.

I also am hoping that either my mom has the Ultra sales ad and I can snag it from her tomorrow, or that they have copies of it in the store, because I need those in-ad coupons for this to work. I don't get the Sunday paper yet; I signed up for the 2011 deal the Chicago Tribune is offering (Sunday-only paper delivery $20 for the whole year! GREAT price!), but that doesn't start until next year. Until then, I keep stealing my mom's papers. I'm sick and I forgot to go over there and get them tonight. So tomorrow morning I will go and hope she has what I need!

Final analysis: I'm guessing this trip will cost me a total of $50. I don't know the cost on a couple of the items, and I don't know exactly how much meat I'll be buying, but I'm hoping for a decent size roast at the very least. We're having a potluck this weekend and we are providing the main meat dish; $.98 per pound pork roast would be AWESOME. Here's hoping for decent meat tomorrow!

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