Sunday, May 24, 2009

overwhelmed by the closet

The downstairs closet is empty! Unfortunately there is stuff EVERYWHERE downstairs now. There was so much in there; so many things I'd forgotten I had. Some of them loved, some of them searched for multiple times over the past year; but most of them? Stuff that doesn't need to be in this house!! Stuff that I look at and wonder WTF I was thinking when I bought it. Or stuff that makes me shake my head and sigh because I bought it several times over since the original purchase would get lost in the mess of my home.

I had a serious hoarding problem. It's taken me years to address it, years to really be able to let stuff go. It's no wonder, sorting through the detritus of my past, that I've been so overwhelmed for so long.

I used to try the Flylady method; I never managed to make it work for me, and I would stop and start constantly. One thing I remember her saying though is to not take out more than you can deal with / put back in one decluttering session. Looking at the mess I've made of the rest of my downstairs, I'm thinking that's one piece of Flylady advice I have totally ignored, heh. (Of course, she also says to just dump the clutter (donate or whatever) rather than have a garage sale, but I stubbornly keep ignoring that piece of advice too. I spent so much money on all this STUFF that it kills me to not at least attempt to get a little bit back.)

So. I am cleaning up mold in my closet, I've made a giant mess, I'm incredibly overwhelmed...AND, it's time to go pick up my kids from my parents' house.

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