Wednesday, May 20, 2009

island fantasy

We will be going to Miami next month to visit family, and while there we plan on taking a day to drive down and visit Key West. I have never been, but I've always wanted to go. We just decided this yesterday, and already my excitement level has become practically unbearable (almost surpassing my excitement for our Cedar Point trip, which is in TWO WEEKS!!). I've spent far more time than I should have reading about Key West, and salivating, and wishing we had MORE TIME and (most importantly) MORE MONEY.(Have I mentioned yet on this blog that I'm impatient? You should probably know that about me.)

Without having ever been there, I've decided that we need to move to Key West. As a matter of fact, as I was searching Key West realty (yes, I really was), I found the perfect place for us to live:

In case that link stops working one of these days:
Own your own private islands! Coupon Keys - 4 offshore islands & 1 mainland lot for parking and launching - It's incomparable! 14.50 acre island off of MM 27.5 with 3 structures. An elegant resort home with 10 bedrooms & 8 baths, a caretakers 2 BR/2 BA home and a recreation house. Freshly renovated this exquisite getaway is like no other with electricity and Florida Keys Aqueduct Authority hook-up you'll have all the comforts of a true resort. All of the islands are situated between the mainland and Little Palm Island in Newfound Harbor. New impact windows throughout, gourmet kitchen with granite counters & all new bathrooms. Glorious 400 SF roof top sundeck with bar/entertainment room. Plenty of dock space for all of your yachts."

The fact that this phrase makes me laugh, rather than scratch my chin in contemplation, probably indicates to you that this sentence doesn't exactly apply to my lifestyle (THUS FAR).

The price tag of $18.5MIL, a mere drop in the bucket, is another thing that gives me pause.

But this blog is about dreams, right? And now I'll share another dream with you. I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO OWN AN ISLAND. Well, 'always' being 'ever since I read about Richard Branson years ago and realized people actually COULD own a WHOLE ISLAND'.

Once I was asked the question, "How will you know when you've MADE IT?"
This is how I will know. When I OWN MY OWN ISLAND.

And when I do, y'all are invited to come and party there with me. Because what is the point of owning your own island if you can't fly all your friends in and have fabulous Margaritaville beach parties all the time??

(If you're wondering how in the world this ties in with my dream of owning a farm...well, there's chickens and cats roaming free all over Key West. And if I'm living on my own island in paradise, you know what? That's farm enough for me!!)

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