Saturday, May 23, 2009

everyone can learn. has a great post today about how everyone can learn to be organized. As I said in my comment over there, sometimes I get really overwhelmed and think I’ll never manage to be organized. But this post reminded me to look at how much I HAVE learned over the years, and has given me a new dose of motivation. I think I may even hit my decluttering goal for this weekend now ;).

As far as how that is going...I'm 'behind' schedule on paper, but I still feel like I'm doing OK. I started tackling the second messiest of the four areas I've been trying to work on during my five days off. I've got it almost completely decluttered and am just starting the actual CLEANING part of the job. My arachnophobia has really been holding me back on this the past two days (but I've muscled through a lot anyway), but my husband is home today and is going to help me with the scary stuff. (Phobias are a BITCH, you guys. It's another roadblock, but it's one I'm not prepared to deal with right now.) Two of the areas shouldn't be TOO difficult to sort through...and the fourth, the big closet down here, is easily the worst in terms of clutter (we can't even open the door without boxes and bags of STUFF avalanching out), but a lot of that will probably be able to go straight to garage sale boxes, since we haven't even been IN there for easily a year. Which means we probably don't need much of it.

I'm thinking of doing 'before and after' video tours of my rooms from now on; I just think that'll lend itself better to getting an idea of the difference in the rooms the way pictures won't. What do you think?

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