Friday, May 14, 2010

Why, What God Do YOU Worship?

Scene: We're in the car, heading towards Drake's school, passing a local church.
Drake: "First Baptist Church... what's a Baptist?"
Me: "Baptist is a type of religion."
Drake: "What's a religion?"
Me: "A religion is a group of people that come together because they have the same beliefs... the same faith. They share a set of beliefs and values and come together to worship, to pray."
Silence from the backseat.
Me: "You know how we've talked about God? Most religions center around God. There are a lot of religions, and each of them has their own 'rules' about God, they all believe in a slightly different version of God."
Drake: "I believe! I believe in an angel type of God!"
Me: "Oh?"
Drake: "And he has a lion's head. And the tail of an eagle."
Me: o.0 "Uh. OK. Cool!"
Drake skips off into school.
End scene.


  1. Haha, this is so beautiful. There's something to be said about a five-year-old who can create their own religion.

  2. Just wait until he has cultists! I mean, followers! LOL



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