Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Perfect Storm

We are having the loveliest thunderstorm right now; the first really GOOD one I think we've had down here this year. Or at least, the first one I've been awake for. Pattering rain, near-constant thunder, frequent splashes of bright lightning. Right smack in the middle of the storm. I love it. I love listening to rain and thunder, curling up in my bed and staring out the window and daydreaming. It's soothing and oh so mellow. I wish I could stay up all night and listen, but I've been battling a painful sinus infection the last couple days and though I'm not feeling tired right now (the storm is soothing yet invigorating), I KNOW it's going to be tough to get up in the morning if I stay up much longer. Especially with being sick. And tomorrow's a school day for Drake, so I really ought to be the responsible mom and get him up and out to school, shouldn't I?

The worst thing about being a parent, so far, is that no one told me that when my kids went back to school. *I* would have to relive school too, heh. Specifically, the getting up and getting TO school on time in the mornings part. I was NEVER a big fan of that. Oy. I take a very cavalier approach to schooling, I'm afraid. Not to LEARNING, mind you, but to schooling. That's a totally different post though.

These grey and rainy days of spring sure make me want to cuddle up in bed with my kids and listen to the sounds of the world outside and not leave the warmth of the blankets though.

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