Wednesday, July 18, 2012

31 Uses For Thirty-One Gift's Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote

Every month Thirty-One Gifts runs great special for our customers. This July we have a variety of items available for only $5 with each $31 you spend! I'm going to share ideas for each item, starting with the adorable Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote.

The first thing you should know is that our thermal totes are amazing. I use them on a regular basis and they really work! I've even had them sit outside in the hot sun on a 90 degree day for 8-9 hours, and the food inside was still cold (sometimes even still frozen, if I stuck, say, a frozen water bottle in it) at the end of the day. THANK YOU FOR MAKING OUR CUB SCOUT CAMP LUNCHES AMAZING, THIRTY-ONE!

The second thing you should know is that this is a fantastic deal. It's a $19 savings! Holy cow! Grab it up! And you can get one with every $31 you spend, so if you've got your eye on some other items in the catalog, go for it.

The third thing, of course, is that they're ridiculously adorable. Just look at those prints! They look even better in person. Here, here's a little video preview of them:

Still on the fence? Here's 31 things you can do with the Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote:

  1. School lunches
  2. Work lunches
  3. Take home leftovers from parties
  4. Snacks on-the-go for outings with little ones
  5. Beach outings
  6. Picnics
  7. BBQ's
  8. Fill it with ice and a few mini bottles of wine for a romantic date (even if it's in your backyard!)
  9. Mini diaper bag
  10. Emergency car kit (snacks and water)
  11. Have food allergies or a restrictive diet? Separate your lunch from the rest of the family!
  12. Snacks for kids sports games
  13. Taking bottles to day care
  14. Nursing mothers who pump at work
  15. Keep medicines cool while traveling
  16. Carry protein shakes to the gym
  17. Shopping at your local farmer's market
  18. Trips to the park
  19. Tailgating
  20. Cosmetic bag
  21. First aid kit
  22. Grocery shopping
  23. Pool bag for wet swimsuit
  24. Kids traveling activity bag
  25. And don't forget gifts! Teacher gift (back to school is almost here!)
  26. New parent gift
  27. Trick or treat bag
  28. Thank you for coaches
  29. Holiday gift bag
  30. Soup or a gift for a sick friend
  31. Just because!
Here's a peek at our other $5 items on special this month:

All items must be purchased by July 31st to be eligible for the special. E-mail me or call me (773-860-1108) to place your order! 

A final note: through the end of the summer season (August 31st), personalization is only $5 (a $2 savings). The Cinch-It-Up Thermal Tote is not eligible for personalization, but many of our items are. Contact me with any questions or to place your order.

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  1. I NEED a new work tote and I am willing to spend on it (a bit). My requirement is that it must be rectangular and the straps must be long enough I can slip it on my shoulder with that side hand. So over 12" long. Any suggestions? I will buy it from you if you have what I want!



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