Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Welcome New Readers + A Speedy Stocking Stuffer!

Yesterday Leslie and I spent a very long day doing some Extreme Couponing. We had a BLAST! Not only did we snag some really great deals (which I will talk about in the near future), we also spent a lot of time in the morning with a photographer from the Southtown Star (rumor has it we will be in tomorrow's paper, so watch for us!) talking about our super shopping habits, we were able to share many coupons and tips with random shoppers we met along the way (welcome, if you're one of our new friends from yesterday!), we just about finished Christmas shopping for our kids, and we just had a lot of fun overall. It was great to save money and really see the results of couponing and planning, and it was truly rewarding and heartwarming to be able to share even just a small fraction of that with some of the people we met along the way.

If you haven't checked out Leslie's blog, One Year To Disney, yet, make sure you do because she's running a great contest featuring FREE Culver's custard! It ends today (at 11:59pm central time) so don't wait!

I'm working on a list of tips for new couponers, based on our recent experiences, and I will post it soon. If you're a coupon shopper who has some tips for new couponers, I'd love to hear them!

Finally, I am going to watch for stocking stuffer deals over the course of the next few weeks. I'd like to feature stocking stuffers that are a dollar or less, so as I come across them I will share them with you. Here's one I came across yesterday:

In the Walgreen's ad this week, there is a coupon for Speed Wheels (off-brand die-cast metal cars, Matchbox / Hot Wheels size). $.49 each, limit ten. My kids LOVE playing with cars and as long as they aren't terribly cheap looking, we're not picky about brand! That's a pretty good price on individual cars. My Walgreens had a great selection (lots of variety in types; they even had Hummers, race cars, school buses and ambulances). Grab the coupon out of the Walgreens paper and pick up a few this week! Sale ends Saturday.

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