Friday, September 3, 2010

Hall And Oates - They're Bed Creepers

I was looking at the Google Analytics strings of keywords that have brought people to my blog earlier today. It seems most people coming here trying to find out if Chiro One is a scam. I hope the two-part blog series I wrote about our experience with them is helpful to people considering whether to use them or not. It didn't surprise me at all that a large number of people are Googling to find out more about them; that's the first thing I did after I encountered the sales rep from the company.

What DID surprise me, or rather I should say what made me laugh (because precious little actually surprises me about the internet anymore), was this page of searches:

I didn't realize so many people wanted moms with young boys, and I'm not sure why they're ending up here, but I suspect that they're not getting exactly what they want. I DO have a young boy, a young cook at times even. He's six, and he's my son, and he's a great kid. I highly recommend having a kid like him.

The thing that really made me laugh though was the third one down. MOM! THERE'S HALL AND OATES UNDER MY BED! I didn't realize there was a BLOG dedicated to this phenomenon. It's certainly never happened to ME, although I did have one particularly traumatic experience where my MOM hid under my bed and scared the crap out of me. I suppose I'd be more likely to be shouting "HALL AND OATES! Mom's under my bed!!"

I just didn't realize this Hall and Oates problem was so prevalent. I guess they have a new song (to the tune of Man Eater): wooooah here we come... watch out boys, we'll chew you up... woaaahhhh here we come... we're bed-creepers!

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