Monday, January 11, 2010

Onions Don't Make My Girl Cry!

Me: chops onions for dinner.
Oksana: "Mommy are you making dinner? Let me see! Let me see!"* drags chair in from the dining room so she can stand by the counter; climbs up to put her face right by the onions.
Me: "Honey, back up a bit. These onions are going to make you cry."
Oksana: "what? what you say?"
Me: "I said, the onions will make you cry. They do that."
Oksana: incredulously: "onions? Make you cry?" Oksana rubs her eyes. "No they won't!"
Me: "Yes, baby, they do. Well, they make your eyes water anyway." Oksana rubs her eyes again, at the same time shaking her head 'no' like I'm totally making this up in some elaborate plot to get her out from underfoot. "They have a chemical in them that is released into the air when you chop them, and it irritates your eyes and makes you cry."
Oksana shakes her head and rubs her eyes again. I can see from the side that they're getting pretty red.
Oksana: "uh uh! They DO NOT!"**
Me: "OK baby. Whatever you say."

She's NOT crying. Not one little bit. :P

*This is a common occurrence in our home. Both kids like to help cook but Oksana is FASCINATED by it. I can't even make a sandwich without her dragging in a chair or stool from some other room of the house so she can watch and ask a million questions about the process. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this kid became a master chef.

** Yes, she's in the F-YOU three's stage.

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  1. If you chop onions next to an open gas flame, they don't make you cry at all. Of course, then you have to deal with Oksana perhaps not believing that fire burns you.



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